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If you never heard of the concept "Rolled Ice-cream" but with a twist? Then you are in for a real treat that will keep you coming back for more because of the individual process that takes place in creating this unique experience.

This is a Thailand inspired concept that will be made on a anti-griddle that is a chilled pan using two paddles to make a delicious rolled treat. Not only do you will get to observe how this whole process is created from start to finish. You are involved in the creation process by adding your favorite goodies to the mix. In the end you will have a custom delicious treat mad just for you.

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Founders Jack and Sandy Merle childhoods were full of fond memories of their German and Great Britain heritages, through their family’s desserts. For Jack and his three brothers it was their mom's cookies and for Sandy it was her grandma's ice-cream and sweeties.

Through the inspiration of their family, friends, and the Lord, Jack and Sandy are combining their two heritages to bring sweet & savory desserts to Mid-Missouri.

Our old family recipes from Germany & Great Britain are carried forward with love that Grandma (OMA) had for their families. We use the same ingredient’s and love they had to make a sweet and savory treat worthy for your loved ones enjoyment.

Our Sweets trailer specializies in Gourmet cupcakes, artisan scones, cookes and brownies. We have homemade fried pies and many other delectable confections. For the pleasure-seekers we speicalize in Thai-Inspired Rolled Frozed Yogurt. It’s a unique spin on their Thai Rolled Ice cream. There is unlimited flaovrs and possiblities for you to try. Our goal is to bring decadent sweet treats for you and your family. Come get a treat that Oma makes just for you!